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Family Photography Reviews


“It was such a perfect evening and we had so much fun with you Tim! We love the beach and were so happy you would photograph us there. You made everyone comfortable including our kids who really liked you. The portrait you created says it all – our family’s warmth and love and togetherness in our favorite place on earth. You captured us and the beauty of nature in all it’s splendor. Thanks Tim for an artistic family portrait we will always treasure”
– Christina Inmon; Moscow, TN


“We were amazed that Tim could get the children to look so natural – not posed. He was extremely patient and worked so well with the children. Our portraits are beautiful images we will cherish forever.”
– Sheila Ramey; Buford, GA


“We are so happy we chose you Tim! Since we only had one morning before fishing in the billfish tournament, we were skeptical about whether you could create this perfect family portrait we had always desired, but you more than did it. We were thrilled that you came to us, and helped find the ideal place for our portrait in our family boat where we love to be together. You helped us all feel comfortable and we truly now have a family work of art on our wall. Thanks Tim!”
– P.D. Landreth; Panama City Beach, FL


“Tim created our first family portrait 12 years ago and it was beautiful. Our family means the world to us, so when it was time for our next portrait, Tim was the only choice to capture our love and relationships. This one was even better! What a joy to see ourselves and our families at two precious moments in time. I am amazed at the changes and would tell everyone to have their portrait made today to preserve their own moment in time. These wonderful memories and the closeness we share in them, will be cherished forever.”
– Lynn Owen; Panama City, FL


“Tim was so great with our kids, it was really nice not to have to be stuck in the studio because the kids felt like they were at home on the beach. This made us all happy and stress free. The experience was fun, and our portrait is fantastic! Of course, we had no doubts as you come very highly recommended and guarantee the results! Thanks Tim!”
– Krista Taylor; Thomasville, GA


“How can we thank you enough for giving us something we’ve always wanted, a precious and beautiful portrait of our family. Our kids loved you because you made them feel so relaxed, and we all had an enjoyable experience. This photograph is priceless to me.”
– Candy Aiken; Dallas, GA


“We love our portrait Tim created for us. He knew how to capture us perfectly and he made it fun!”
– Tammy Robinson; Stone Mountain, GA


I will say again, the portraits are amazing, and I still have tears. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tim!!
-Wilhelmina Cochrane, Panama City Beach, FL


After seeing Tim’s work for many years, I knew I wanted him to take our family photograph. I expected perfection and that is exactly what I got. Tim did a great job capturing the warmth of everyone. He was open to our suggestions & ideas of having the picture taken on our porch where we feel most comfortable. The kids loved him and he brought out their personalities wonderfully!
-Lori Carnley, Panama City Beach, FL


We were so pleased that Tim was able to capture such emotional photographs right here at our wonderful home on the beach. This meant so much to us since we will soon be leaving the area. Now the memories can live on forever. We had a happy family time on the beach and the kids had a blast with Tim as our photographs show. This precious moment in time and our beloved home will always be in our hearts as we cherish these portraits in the years to come wherever we go. We suggest to anyone to get Tim, if you’re lucky enough, to create your portrait as you will never have this moment in time again.
– Marion Barth & Family, Panama City Beach, FL


Over the years, we have had our share of photographers, some good and some not so good as I am sure just about everyone has experienced. I have always seen the family beach portraits and longed for our family to have one made. As we planned our family summer vacation for Florida I knew that our main task would be to have a beach family portrait made. I had it all figured out in my head just how I wanted it to be. Now, you really have to know me to know how much of a perfectionist and huge dreamer that I am. To say that I have an unrealistic imagination of how things should be is a huge understatement. My thoughts are always the best, way over the top, nothing conservative, especially when it comes to my children and family. I love to show my children off. I, like every other parent, think my children are the most beautiful, the most talented, the smartest, the best behaved, but in reality they are! They have always been such a blessing to us and we have enjoyed every minute of being with them. So again, I had pictured in my mind exactly what kind of beach picture I wanted. So as I set out on my quest to find a photographer, I didn’t feel like I was having that much of a database to search from, so I went with all that I could find on the internet at that time. I scheduled the appointment and after talking with the photographer, I didn’t really feel like I had made the right decision. I felt like maybe I could have done a much better job than what we were going to get, plus I was amazed at how inexpensive her prices were. Regardless, I am a determined person and I knew we were going to have a family beach portrait made in Florida. Let me remind you, I didn’t want just a picture taken, I wanted a portrait made. So I carefully picked out different outfits for everyone and different color schemes as well to see which would photograph better. We made it down to Florida and were trying our best to get all tan for the photo session. We went out to eat one night at a really nice restaurant and as we were waiting to be seated, we went into the main part of the lobby and surrounding me were all of these beautiful family beach portraits! I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was exactly what I had imagined our portrait would look like, it was EXACTLY what I wanted – since when has that ever happened?? I couldn’t believe my eyes and my luck!! I immediately canceled our existing appointment, even before I knew we could get a photo session with this awesome photographer – Tim Allen!!! I didn’t care, if I couldn’t have him do our photos, then I didn’t want it done until he could be our photographer, even if it meant having it done on our next summer vacation, even if we weren’t planning on coming to Florida next year, we were now, if need be!! I called Tim’s office the next day and I just wanted to make an appointment and his precious wife, Luda answered and wanted me to hold so he could talk to me, uh ~ since when does the actual photographer want to speak to me when I am just scheduling an appointment?? Well, I soon found out why ~ Tim cares so much about his work that he wants to learn as much as he can about who he is photographing and what they are wanting. Tim is extremely thorough, uh oh, I had met my match, finally!!! He is a perfectionist, in a good way – he could probably vouch that mine may not exactly be good all of the time ? He helped me decide what we needed to wear and calmed my nerves about our little bit of sunburn. Now I was even more excited than before, if that was possible, and needless to say the excitement only got stronger. Tim and Luda were so friendly, honest, outgoing, personable and became truly great life long friends! It was destined to happen. They are truly special people and anyone that is lucky enough to work with them know what I am talking about. Tim really knows what he is doing, his timing is perfect, his ideas are great, he is patient and so very kind. He puts all that he has into his work and doesn’t let you see it until it is perfect. He made us all feel so comfortable, even our teenage son, who was going through something where he didn’t want to smile with his mouth open as he had always done in the past, which is a beautiful smile. In my telephone conversation with Tim, I shared this with him and he told me not to worry about anything, which is very difficult for me since I want everything perfect. Well, needless to say Tim was so good with our son that we/he didn’t even realize what he was doing at the time but he captured him in every shot with that beautiful smile, which just makes me so happy. I wished we lived closer together so he could do my children’s senior pictures and their weddings, etc. I plan on getting my entire family down there for our family portrait. I have recommended him to so many people. He even did a great job of photographing our sweet little Holly, a Yorkie, with us and it just makes the portrait even more special. When you go to view your proofs, it is totally first class, we were in amazement. He really takes his time with you like you are his only client. He stays in close contact with you during the finishing process and will not release it until you are 110% satisfied. He walks you through the entire process of helping you pick out the size, the frame, etc. He even helped us with our gorgeous Christmas cards that everyone were just amazed over. It was so exciting sending them out to everyone since everyone couldn’t come to our home to see the beautiful portrait. I will never forget the day our family beach portrait arrived. As my husband took it out of the carefully and tediously packed box, I just simply stood there and cried. I can honestly say that it is perfect, it is even more than what I had imagined it would be, and I honestly don’t know how that is possible. We still can’t take our eyes off of it. It is the focal point of our den and every time, literally, we walk through the room and look at it in aw. There are times when I just stop and stare at it and sometimes still tear up a little. We will treasure it for a lifetime as well as our deep friendship with Tim and Luda. They are truly called to do this and are a huge blessing. In case we haven’t thanked you enough, thank you for capturing our family in such a beautiful and memorable way. God Bless.
-The Migliore Family, Memphis, TN.


Beach Photograpy Reviews

We are really grateful for your time and expertise. We had a lot of fun, and know how much we will enjoy your work for many days to come.
-Paula and Alan Larson, San Antonio, TX


WOW! All I can say is what a Beautiful memory you have created! ALL of the pictures are just sunning, no wonder you have been doing this for so long! I can look at my picture and actually like what I see, that is a true first! We had an excellent photographer! Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough, so I will say that you just bring such JOY to people’s lives.
Anne & Jeff Kynoch, Tallahassee, FL


Tim, we could not be more happy with what you have done for us. We will cherish these portraits forever. Everybody that saw our family pictures over Christmas were amazed!!! We loved showing them off!! They truly are amazing portraits……..thanks so much!!!
-Terri Rogers, Jonesboro, GA


Tim, unbelievable photography! You did a great job on our pictures. Thank you for being so good to us and easy to work with.
-Sandi and Mark Camacho, TN


Thanks Tim for a life time memory. You are the very best, professional, caring, and listened to what we desired. We had seen your work displayed around town and knew your work was lovely. Viewing the finished product was truly a WOW moment and a lump came up and tears of joy scattered everywhere. I daily walk by and admire the portrait and I am so grateful. It truly is a wonderful investment that I am sure will outlive me.
-George & Nancy Bender, Panama City Beach, FL


When I first saw a photo taken by Tim Allen Photography, I was so impressed with his work and thought I HAVE to have Tim take our family portraits! I have never been so pleased with a photographer that was so great to work with. He took time to make sure we were 100{169de74a9de3c81127c767a12c4e27b661cbaca82a9630fff2608a0519cacb5d} satisfied. I can’t stop looking at my portraits. I LOVE EM! It was so great working with you! Thanks so much, Tim!
-Monica Corey, Bedford, IN

We are blessed to have worked with Tim Allen and his wife Luda. They do amazing photography work. Just the best!
-Melissa & Tom Behnke, FL


Love, love, love our family portrait!! Thanks Tim and Luda, awesome job!!
-Kim & Maylon Clinkscales, FL


WOW! Our portraits are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I am so glad that you were able to capture those special moments for us. Depending on the lighting and time of day different colors just pop out of that portrait. Kudos for a job WELL DONE!!!
-Kerri & Tom Blythe, Salem, IL


The portraits are absolutely wonderful!!! We can’t thank you and your wife enough. The family photo will be such an asset to the house. It was a great pleasure working with you and your wife. Thanks again!!! Tim was the best photographer who was so accommodating and so willing to work with you in every way possible. If you want the best call Tim Allen Photography!!!!!
-Judy & Dave Osby, Valearaiso, IN


Our portrait is very special and we will treasure it forever. We all look so natural and not posed. That is exactly what we were looking for. Tim, thank you for all that you did!
-Jennifer and Trey Howard, Bassfield, MS


Tim, I am just so excited, so I have to tell you, again..I really do LOVE THE PHOTOGRAPH. It is worth every penny. Thanks again for such a great job!!!
-Debbie & Derek Fuller, GA


Our portraits are beautiful and everyone has loved them! Tim, thank you so much for everything!
-Dave, Joan, and Lindsey, Rome, GA


Senior Portrait Reviews

You know the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well this is true. What a true talent Tim has. For the days following the shoot, we all waited with anticipation to see how the pictures would turn out. And he did not disappoint. My family was blown away. As we knew we would be. He has a style all his own (which made us all look good, so thanks), and it shows in every area of his work. It was a pleasure working with Tim for my Senior pictures and later that night he did a amazing job working with the smaller kiddos in my family. It was a great day and something we will all remember. I portraits turned out absolutely stunning. We have one in our home in Atlanta and one in our house at the beach. It is unbelievable how many compliments we get on them. We are so proud! Out of the hundred of Christmas cards we have sent out we never got as many compliments as we did when Tim made our cards. I can’t tell you how many people have stopped me, emailed me, and written me about what a gorgeous card it was. This was a wonderful experience, the pictures are priceless, and we think you are brilliant. Thank you, Tim for the amazing portraits. My family will cherish them forever.
-Taylor Rogers, Jonesboro, GA

It was a joy to work with Tim. Even if you hate to have photos taken he brings out the best in you.
I liked all of the different and unique looks Tim captured.
-Laura and Nita (Mom) Nye; Panama City, FL

I love my senior portraits! Tim had such great ideas! He is so much fun to work with. He really made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. I felt like “The Princess”. My hair stylist said Tim was the best photographer in town… and hairdressers don’t lie!
-Deseree Pennington; Panama City, FL

I went with Tim, because some of my friends said he was the best in town. The digital art is so cool, and I really love the black and white style. If you want an awesome senior portrait, call Tim. He’s great!
-Nic Pruitt; Panama City, FL

I am very pleased with my son’s senior portraits! I love that you took them outdoors and with his Mustang. It’s his baby! He had a lot of fun, and now I have beautiful photos of my teenage son…smiling! Anyone even considering having professional portraits created has got to call you.
-Lucinda Hundley – Mother of Don Hundley; Panama City, FL

My friend told me about Tim. We had our portraits made together. It was so much fun, and our portraits turned out great! Definitely have Tim Allen do your senior portraits…especially if you want them to be really good!
-Wilma Hernadez; Chipley, FL

Having our senior pictures taken together will be something we will always cherish. We love the unique poses that gave Tim the opportunity to capture the love and romance in our eyes. The dunes and gorgeous sunset over the ocean made all of our pictures together breathtaking! We can’t wait to show our friends and family the memories Tim captured that will last forever.
-Katie Proctor and Cole Collier; Evansville, IN

My dream of having my senior portraits made on the beach far exceeded all of my expectations. Tim’s ability to capture the natural me was something I knew few photographers would take the time and effort to do. Selecting my favorite poses was almost impossible to do with the wide variety Tim created. The whole experience was a dream come true for me!
-Katie Proctor; Evansville, IN

With the beautiful setting and Tim’s artistic eye having my senior pictures taken is something I will remember forever. Tim allowed my personality to shine through in my photographs like no other photographer would have. The whole experience was a blast and I hope to work with him again.
– Cole Porter: Evansville, IN

At first I was nervous about having my photos taken. I’ve always disliked the photos I’ve had made in the past, but when I got out there with Tim everything was great! My senior portraits are awesome! We laughed and had a great time. Don’t think twice about it! Call up Tim as fast as you can. You’ll have so much fun working with him and your senior portraits will be awesome!
-Becki Fejes: Bay High – Panama City, FL


We were thrilled with our son Aaron’s senior portrait and so was he. Aaron loved working with Tim. He was able to express his personality and passion for surfing and the beach. The images are stunning as well as creative and unique. Thanks Tim for so beautifully capturing that special time in our son’s life!
-Wayne and Debbie Moesching; Panama City, FL


Wedding Photography Reviews

“We felt so special as you gave us your full attention for the entire day. It seemed like you were part of our family. We were so pleased with how you helped us plan, and everything went just as you said. It was nice to be able to put our trust in you. Our beautiful day will live on forever thanks to your care and concern. We were blessed to have you! Thanks Tim!
– Alex & Nicole Kalagian; Lynn Haven, FL


Tim was highly recommended by Carillon Beach. He helped us to relax, so we were able to enjoy the beauty of the day. We had so much fun and all of our portraits really told the story of our wedding. Thanks Tim, for helping us to create memories that will last forever!”
– Karen and Lance Dennis, Panama City, FL


“Your photographs are the one thing that you will look back on for years to come, so my advice to brides is don’t let your photographer be the area that you “go cheap on’. We were so pleased with our photographs by Tim. He caught the entire evening on film. We loved working with him. The quality of our photos is fantastic, and everyone who sees them comments on how wonderful they are. We had a great time at our wedding and now enjoy every photograph that captured the mood and excitement of our special day. Thanks Tim!”
-Carrie and Fred Schreiber, Panama City, FL


“We had such a wonderful time with Tim. It is amazing how he captured the joy we felt that day in our beautiful photographs. I am so happy that our day can live on forever through these photos. Thanks, Tim for such a great job.”
-Mason and Amanda Caracciolo, GA


“Tim was highly recommended. He helped us to relax and enjoy the beauty of the day. We had so much fun! All of our portraits really told the story of our wedding. ‘Thanks Tim, for helping us to create memories that will last forever!’”
-Karen and Lance Dennis, Panama City, FL


“Everyone had a great time, and we are so happy with our photographs. Tim captured many wonderful candid moments that we never saw happen. We were very impressed with his hard work and dedication, and of course, all our precious memories.”
-Lori and Jim Wynkoop Kileen, TX


“I’ve never seen a photographer give that much positive attention to anyone. Tim is so friendly; he made my daughter feel comfortable on her wedding day. And the photographs are so beautiful! We couldn’t decide which ones we wanted, so I had to buy them all! I would recommend Tim to everyone. His work is incredible…thank you Tim!
-Jina Roth – Mother of the Bride, Roswell, GA